A downloadable game for Windows

Playable 3D simulations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's first generation of handheld electronic games.

"wonderfully authentic" ... "presentation is excellent"
"the LCD styled visuals have a lot of charm"


"lovingly created digital reproductions"

"authentically challenging and addictive"

A collection of playable Game & Watch simulations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's first generation of handheld electronic games. First released in 1980, each unit in the series featured a single game that could be played on an electronic LCD screen and included a clock, hence the name.

If you've never had the opportunity to play a Game & Watch unit, then here's your chance, with these 3D simulations of some of my favorite games in the series.

Update:Now also available to play online on RetroFab!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Platformer
Tags3D, Arcade, Casual, Game Boy, minigames, nintendo, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


Game & Watch Donkey Kong Collection 6.0.zip 120 MB


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bad frame rate. even on the worst quality setting there's still nearly a second of lag between the input and the reaction. In donkey kong jr. when I dropped the fruit on two enemies, it took maybe 5 seconds, when it was less than one on a better emulator

These are awesome! When are you expecting you'll be done with mobile support? I'm DYING to play Greenhouse on my phone! :)

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Thanks! Touchscreen support will be available in RetroFab v0.9.8 due for release in a few weeks :) 

A few weeks? Cool! Maybe I'll get lucky and you'll end up finishing it on or around my birthday (August 3rd) lol

These are so great!   However on the downloadable version of donkey kong junior in the donkey kong collection (not the browser version) you can't jump off the first vine.  You should be able to move to the right off that first vine. 

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You're absolutely right! Well spotted. The online versions on RetroFab (which is more recent) are complete rewrites and so more accurate. All updates to the games in this collection will now be done on the RetroFab version.

so the downloadable version won’t have updates?   I’d love to have more downloadable versions to play offline, or just to have for all time :)

The RetroFab versions will eventually be available for download :)

Awesome, this whole collection is mind-blowing.!!

The best I’ve seen in over 20 years of playing emulators of my childhood gaming experiences

Many thanks and hats off to your ingenuity!

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These are excellent, no brilliant, simulations! Very nice indeed, great work beautifully done! 

I was wondering if the online versions on RetroFab are somehow playable in a browser on iOS? I tried but couldn't. I guess the problem is the commands on the console... how to interact? Anyway, if you know a way to play a G&W game on an iPhone or iPad, I would be all ears.

Thanks for all these very nice simulations!

Thanks for the kind words :) Unfortunately, RetroFab does not currently support input from mobile devices, either iOS or Android :( I plan to release a mobile version at some point in the future (with a redesigned input and camera system for better usability on touch screens), but that will probably only be after the official 1.0 web and desktop releases. If you follow me on itch you'll be notified of future updates as soon as they become available. Thanks again for playing!

Thank you for the information. I will definitely keep an eye on future updates. Looking forward to it.

Wow - this looks fantastic!
I came across it while trying to find good quality decals for the Donkey Kong Game and Watch - I have one I restored and want to see if I can print off the decals on glossy paper,  as the ones on the unit are gone or partially gone.
I'm going to try a screenshot of yours, see if I can edit out the bits I want, and see how they print off - here's some pictures of it that I tweeted: https://twitter.com/deadl0ck_eire/status/1569018382824906756

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Thanks! If you want a high resolution scan of the unit artwork for your restoration you can download it from here :)

That's brilliant!


I am super impressed. Please create Mario Bros. 2, Climber and Balloon Fight game and watch please. I would pay for them!!!


Thanks! I plan to add more G&W titles on RetroFab and will add these to the list :)

Are you planning to make add Mario Bros. Game & Watch game?

Yes, since these seem to be quite popular, I plan to create more 3D handheld simulations in the future, and I'll add Mario Bros. to the list :)

UPDATE: Mario Bros. is now available to play : )

Is this still available to play in browsers? I really love these classic Game & Watch games and would like to try this out, though it doesn't load for me. Thanks!


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Hey SuperGBA! Unfortunately the web version is now too large to host on Itch.io :( But I'm working on splitting each game up and making them available to play in browsers again. 

UPDATE: Donkey Kong Circus is now available to play in the browser :)

This so awesome.  I would love to see more LCD games saved by simulations like this.

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Thanks kettchan :) More games coming soon...

Such a cool concept! Keep up the great work

Thanks :)

Wow, how old was I? five, maybe six years old boy playing this by the shore, over and over and over again. Great work and thanks for the memories coming into my mind by playing it now - light-years away!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

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Thanks liqmatrix :-)
Still working on how to create executable versions for download.
Stay tuned. 

Windows version now available for download :-)

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there was even a tear here ... oh my ... how old am I now? thanx dude

i wish i could jump with the up arrow

My pleasure, man. You know what they say ... we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing ;-)

Jump with the up arrow ... why not? I've uploaded a new build, so now you can. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great work! This is truly amazing (finally seeing some movement in the G&W simulation space after all these years!).

Any chance you can create a one-off implementation for 'Climber'  DR-802 or DR-106? It would be amazing.

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Thanks :) Yeah, I plan to create more 3D G&W simulations like these in the future and Climber would be great! 

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback :)