A downloadable game for Windows

Playable 3D simulations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's first generation of handheld electronic games.

"wonderfully authentic" ... "presentation is excellent"
"the LCD styled visuals have a lot of charm"


"lovingly created digital reproductions"

"authentically challenging and addictive"

A collection of playable Game & Watch simulations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's first generation of handheld electronic games. First released in 1980, each unit in the series featured a single game that could be played on an electronic LCD screen and included a clock, hence the name.

If you've never had the opportunity to play a Game & Watch unit, then here's your chance, with these 3D simulations of some of my favorite games in the series.

Update:Now also available to play online on RetroFab!


Game & Watch Donkey Kong Collection 6.0.zip 120 MB


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I am super impressed. Please create Mario Bros. 2, Climber and Balloon Fight game and watch please. I would pay for them!!!


Thanks! I plan to add more G&W titles on RetroFab and will add these to the list :)

Are you planning to make add Mario Bros. Game & Watch game?

Yes, since these seem to be quite popular, I plan to create more 3D handheld simulations in the future, and I'll add Mario Bros. to the list :)

UPDATE: Mario Bros. is now available to play : )

Is this still available to play in browsers? I really love these classic Game & Watch games and would like to try this out, though it doesn't load for me. Thanks!


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Hey SuperGBA! Unfortunately the web version is now too large to host on Itch.io :( But I'm working on splitting each game up and making them available to play in browsers again. 

UPDATE: Donkey Kong Circus is now available to play in the browser :)

This so awesome.  I would love to see more LCD games saved by simulations like this.

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Thanks kettchan :) More games coming soon...

Such a cool concept! Keep up the great work

Thanks :)

Wow, how old was I? five, maybe six years old boy playing this by the shore, over and over and over again. Great work and thanks for the memories coming into my mind by playing it now - light-years away!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

The game & watch remakes seem to be popular within the last couple of years. Most of them have a downloadable version as well. Would be nice if I could add this to my collection. Nice work.

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Thanks liqmatrix :-)
Still working on how to create executable versions for download.
Stay tuned. 

Windows version now available for download :-)

Nice work!

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there was even a tear here ... oh my ... how old am I now? thanx dude

i wish i could jump with the up arrow

My pleasure, man. You know what they say ... we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing ;-)

Jump with the up arrow ... why not? I've uploaded a new build, so now you can. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great work! This is truly amazing (finally seeing some movement in the G&W simulation space after all these years!).

Any chance you can create a one-off implementation for 'Climber'  DR-802 or DR-106? It would be amazing.

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Thanks :) Yeah, I plan to create more 3D G&W simulations like these in the future and Climber would be great! 

Thanks for playing and I appreciate the feedback :)