RetroFab 0.9.8 out now!

All RetroFab simulations have now been updated to version 0.9.8 with new features including an updated toolbar (with pause and resume functionality) and touchscreen support for smartphones and tablets.  

What's New

  • Touchscreen Support
    RetroFab now supports touchscreen devices allowing you to play RetroFab simulations on your smartphone or tablet. Currently only guaranteed to work on Android devices, but you might get a few simulations to work on some versions of iOS. 
  • Haptic feedback
    For  smartphones and tablets you can now specify if you want your device to vibrate whenever you tap a button on the screen. 
  • Gamepad Support
    You can now use your gamepad controller as an input device when playing any simulation. You can change the default button mappings through the game settings menu.
  • Quick Start
    Quickly start a game by tapping on the play icon in the game toolbar for a popup menu of common game modes. This is particularly useful on touchscreen devices.
  • Pause  Function
    You can now pause (and resume) a game at any time from the game toolbar.  

Special thanks to the following contributors to this release:

kobygold, goodolvicgjupp, nostalgiaholic, playtoast, mindplay, Trimint123


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loving the gamepad support! works great with my ps4 controller.

That's great to hear :) Enjoy!

Nice to see that 0.9.8 has been released, thankyou. I did notice that the haptic feedback feature no longer seem to be working on my Galaxy S7 Edge (it worked in the test version previously). Anyone else getting haptic feedback when they press a button? I have only tried it on Octopus so far.

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It works fine on my S23. I think the range of the vibration slider in the settings changed from the test version so you might need to adjust the value there. I set mine to about halfway.

Yeah, tried sliding the slider to extreme left and right and Im getting no haptics unfortunately on the Galaxy S7 edge, something appears to have changed since the test builds as the haptics were working with the earlier Octopus and Parachute builds.

Totally awesome!!! 


Awesome update! It's so cool being able to play these games on my phone. Keep up the great work!


Ooh yeah! I'm gonna fire up the collection on Steam Deck and give it a go.

Cool! I haven't tested it on Steam Deck so let me know if it works.

You're a madman. This is a mode I never even considered for these LCD handhelds, but it's very cool.

The games have all been working great! I tried docked mode and handheld, all the games performed perfectly.

Thanks for the feedback. It's so cool to see it working on Steam Deck! And yeah, when I have some time I plan to do a few more of these 3D mods to some of the other games in the collection.