Play remakes of classic arcade games on a retro-styled fantasy holographic console.
Originally made for Fantasy Console Jam #5.

A very cool little project that gives a fresh lick of
holographic paint to some arcade classics.

Play remakes of the following classic arcade games on a fantasy holographic console: 

  • 1943
  • Pacman
  • Frogger
  • Pinball Action
  • Space Invaders
  • Moon Patrol  
Updated 3 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Tags3D, Arcade, fantasy-console, Retro
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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Awesome Game =D

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Thanks :)

The holographic artwork is super cool!! I had fun :D

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I'm glad you  liked it :) Thanks for playing!

This is super cool! Reading the description I was expecting a fancy rom player, not these 3d recreations, it's amazing presentation wise!

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Thanks :)  I appreciate the feedback.

Very cool. However the controls in pacman felt a bit janky and sluggish. It is a really cool idea and the games were fun. Are there gonna be any more in the future?

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Thanks :) Yes, I will be adding more games :) Thanks for playing!

Realy good vibes while playing

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Thanks :)

Yes! This is cool! Made it feel like the Arcade remakes that you connected to TV back in the 90s xD.
Pac-Man control is a bit janky :/
Pinball Action is missing the classic "snappiness" of the ball movement
Frogger is great! Maybe add some leeway near the edge. Got screwed by   the  "border" even though I made the jump to final log on left-side.
Space Invaders and 1943 are awesome too! Control and play works great.
Love the "3D-Hologram" aspect ^_^
Best of luck of your further ventures :D

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Hi. Thanks for playing and for the constructive feedback. The games are in the order I created them and the earlier ones do need some more work. I try to incorporate the feedback and what I learn into each new game so I'm glad to see that the more recent ones like Space Invaders and 1943 are better in terms of controls and play. I will eventually update the earlier ones based on all the community feedback. Thanks again for playing. Hope you'll follow me for future updates. Would love your thoughts on those too. Cheers.

Wow !!!!!

This. Is. Amazing. i really like the aesthetic and the concept I'm just curious though what engine are you using.

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Hi Diego. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it :-)
I haven't used a game engine. It's just plain HTML5 and WebGL. 

Wow that’s amazing here I was struggling to make tic tac toe without a game engine. Great job.

great! can play with controller? can download? thx. 

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Hi. Thanks for playing! I haven't worked with controllers before, but I'll try to add support ... if you're willing to test? Sorry, no downloads yet... still learning  game development so it may be a while before I get there. 

thank you :)

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Okay. I've added support for game controllers. Hope it works with yours. Let me know.


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What the heck is wrong with the controls in Pac Man? I press left arrow, it goes right. Wont go up or down. Also, will you be releasing a download version? The graphics look great!

Edit: Yeah, no. Pac Man needs to be just AWSD or arrows. This two key thing sucks bad.  The rest of the games are great!

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Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I get your point about the controls for pac-man. I went with first person controls (turning is relative to the direction pac-man is facing) because I want to later add levels that are not grid based. Like maybe a circular maze or multi-level mazes (where you can also go up or down vertically). But perhaps it's better to release that as a separate game and change this back to traditional controls. Thanks again for the feedback.
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Well you have completely nailed the look. Great work. On Frogger it would be nice if the music didn't reset every time you make it across. There should be a sound effect that you got there and the score counts up, but the music should continue and the game should not pause so much. It disturbs the flow. Just my two cents.

On the pinball game it would be nice if there was more going on with the table (more obstacles, gimmicks, etc.) and there definitely needs to be a tilt key.  I realize you are working in a limited space on the pinball table, but it would be cool if you went a little more vertical with ramps, etc since it is going for holographic style.

Either way, the graphics and sound are really pro and I look forward to further updates. Cheers!

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Thanks. These are great suggestions and very helpful. I'll add them to the list.  For now, I've uploaded an update with the control scheme for Pac-man changed to WASD. You were right. Much better :)