This small practice prototype is my first attempt at Interactive Fiction.  So be warned, it's really short and may not even qualify as Interactive Fiction by those who actually know what they're doing. 


You work for an inter-galactic conglomerate known as SpaceCorp. Your job is to assist with an investigation that will be conducted by SpaceCorp's proprietary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system after a major incident at one of SpaceCorp's remote security outposts. The A.I. will automatically process any communication from the person manning the outpost and generate possible responses. You will need to select the most appropriate response to reply with in order to uncover what actually happened during the incident.

The inspiration for this story came after reading about Hiroo Onoda, a WWII Japanese soldier who was posted to a remote jungle outpost and told to defend it until he was relieved of his post. Onoda remained on duty defending his jungle outpost for almost 30 years unaware that the war had ended decades earlier.

So with this game I wanted to explore the idea of what motivates someone to live alone in isolation, except instead of a remote jungle, a space outpost at the edge of the galaxy.


Since this practice prototype was made for my own learning purposes, I've limited the number of choices on each turn to a maximum of two to avoid too much branching. There is only one unique ending but multiple paths. If you reach the end of  the story  part 1, you will be able to restart and try to find alternative paths to the same ending. Apologies in advance for spelling errors and poor grammar (especially to my grade school English teacher). 

Finally, let me apologize for the length of these notes, which may have taken you longer to read than actually playing the game. 

P.S. I've experimented with some speech synthesis for the A.I. with mixed success -- let's just consider it a work in progress.


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Love the UI & sound. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this! :) 

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Glad you liked it. Thanks for playing and for the feedback :) 

To belay your concerns: this is 1000% interactive fiction, and is also really really cool.
I love the UI you have set up, it really sells the whole thing.
I also love the concept - I'll admit that at first, I thought I was making choices /as/ the A.I., trying to... improve my own algorithm, or something?

Anyway, wonderful idea, wonderful execution - great little game.

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Thanks so much :) I really wasn't sure if it qualified as interactive fiction, so it's great to get some confirmation. Thanks for that. And thanks for the wonderful feedback. It's very encouraging and much appreciated!