Exile Island

This is an initial prototype for a first person adventure game. You can explore the island but there are currently no puzzles or objectives.  For this release I've focused on first person controls, directional sound and visual aesthetics. I also spent time on improving WebGL performance. 


          Enter         Settings
          Escape      Exit
          WASD       Movement
          Mouse       Look Around


          Art             Luis Fernandez (luyssport.artstation.com)
          Music       Benjamin Burnes (abstractionmusic.com)


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It is really cool man. Keep it up

Thanks for playing. I appreciate the feedback.



Well done, but maybe you can do some improvements on the textures. They looks good but something feels off. 

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There is a little glitch in this game, when you go to a wall hold the W button and then look down then up again you go through the wall. But as far as the aesthetics go, its very good.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to fix that in the next update. 


This looks really nice!

Here's a set of very low-spec results for you. I'm using Firefox 76.0.1 64-bit on Windows 10 with a 3rd gen Core i5 laptop with no discrete GPU and 8GB of RAM. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. Standing at the end of the dock looking at the structure, I get 13-16 fps at 100%, 14-18 fps at 75%, 15-20 fps at 50%, 23-27 fps at 25%, and 25-30 fps at 0%.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. And thanks for taking the time to  test different quality settings on your setup. It's really useful. I'll keep trying to improve on the performance (like maybe dropping shadows at lower quality settings), but unfortunately Firefox is generally slower than Chrome when it comes to WebGL (see WebGL performance tests for Chromium vs Firefox).  Which browser you prefer is obviously a personal choice, but it would be interesting to see if Chrome makes a difference for WebGL games on your setup. Thanks again for the feedback!


The visuals and atmosphere are good in this one man, it's sort of like a mixture of the Bone graphic novels and Return of the Obra Dinn. I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks, man :-)

Hey, thats pretty cool ! I like the athmosphere, the visuals are very cool. The rabbits are so cute. This is interesting !!

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback.